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  • Lysandris Halyaron

    A former court wizard, Lysandris was exiled after accidentally leveling a city while under the influence of an ancient artefact. Since his exile, he has survived by taking on small jobs and using sleight-of-hand and magic to cheat at gambling.

  • Aloria Fletcher

    Human father, wood elf mother. Her village was a mixture of wood elves, humans, and half-elves, so her mother and father raised her together. Her mother was a hunter/gatherer who sold most of the things she hunted and her father was an alchemist. She …

  • Griffin

    Her parents separated, was raised by her father, hated her father for not wanting to digitize into society, claims he held her back, became the trouble maker, became a cyborg out of spite of her father. Was a prominent programmer and counterfeiter

  • Taldor Baradun

    Used to make and trade weapons and still kind of does that, but now it involves bullshitting his way into the local community college's metalworking shop and selling what he can manage with basically asking every student for help with modern technology, …

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